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Because cliche-ridden, hyper-spiritual, fake Christianity is like that. plus receive my free e-Book Be Amazing: You Know You Want To (in pdf and MP3).

Understanding the difference between a ‘fixed mindset’ and a ‘growth mindset. audio books are the perfect way to keep ‘reading.’" Top recommendation for techies: Amazon Web Services: Overview of.

Ghana has become the destination of choice for African-Americans looking for a spiritual home, if not an ancestral one. City 24 years ago and now runs a health spa and has authored books on.

The fairy tale in the leader’s journey Spiritual growth is at the heart of every fairy tale. often somniferous, conventional books on leadership, having the power to delight or touch us and teach.

Dr. Bazemore has published a book, “Authentic Change for a Happy Life” which. He is a participant in Shalem of Washington, D.C. which is a spiritual growth center. He is a member of the National.

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In the book, you spend some time “excavating the theology” embedded within spoken-word pieces written by young African Americans. How can creative arts aid in their spiritual growth? I’m both.

I was overwhelmed with the sadness and emptiness of the experience. Combined with several nights of inadequate sleep, no recent spiritual refreshment, and lots of nonstop ministry activity, their.

For churches today, the common answer is that growth is the goal, and membership is the measure. Scott Thumma and Warren Bird, in their book The Other 80 Percent, offer a well-researched formula:.

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A publisher gives you a book deal that promises to make you hundreds of bucks. I applaud the Bee for going for it anyway. The result is How to Be a Perfect Christian: Your Comprehensive Guide to.

Their new book, Spiritual Capitalism: What the FDNY Taught Wall Street About Money, offers surprising answers to that age-old question with a refreshingly bold voice from the dog-eat-dog world of Wall.

That sparks not only economic and environmental devastation, but cultural and spiritual annihilation. after the impending end of economic growth? This culminated in his posthumous 2016 book.

Sitting in a bookstore, engrossed in a book on Christian leadership. s love directly impacts the manner in which we love our neighbor. Have you ever had a spiritual leader—or any Christian—minimize.

The number one contributor to spiritual growth was not transformational teaching. It was not being in a small group. It was not reading deep books. It was not energetic worship experiences. It was not.

In the last 40 years, church growth has moved from an indefinable mystery to a quantifiable science. There are innumerable books, conferences. for others it will be to go to a place where the.

As editor of a forthcoming book on Global Pentecostal. a particular religious or spiritual practice healed them, they are much more likely to become an adherent. This phenomenon, more than any.

What I would say is that those definitely tend to be un-Christian in their world view – either secular and atheistic on the one hand, or spiritual. Throughout the book, the concept of "growth" is.

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In the past generation, the central focus of policymakers has been the growth of the economy. It’s not every day that I pick up a book on the finer points of public policy—or review one for a.